City's chariot stopped in the sky of Brighton Europa

 Alexis McAllister's eyes filled with emptiness after the final whistle at Fulham Stadium. But not long ago, his team Brighton blocked Manchester City 1-1, who secured the league win this season.

City's chariot stopped in the sky of Brighton Europa

Brighton, sixth in the English Premier League table, confirmed playing in the next season of the Europa League through the draw. All in all, the Argentinian midfielder should be happy. But the celebration did not unfold that way.

McAllister also spoke intimately with Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola after the final whistle. Some of the Brighton supporters may think that McAllister may be seen at City in the new season!

But the buzz is more around Liverpool. There are reports in the transfer market that Liverpool are willing to buy McAllister for seven million pounds and the Anfield club has already agreed to a personal agreement with him.

Whatever he is, McAllister will almost certainly not be at Brighton at the end of the season. And yesterday night, Brighton played their last match at home this season. McAllister's dry face at the end of the match in front of the home crowd, so it can be assumed that Brighton will probably not get this World Cup-winning midfielder for Argentina in the new season.

That doesn't dampen Brighton's festivities. The two teams presented enjoyable football in attacking and counter-attacking matches. City striker Earling Holland wasted two goals in the first half. In the 25th minute, Holland passed Phil Foden into the box from the left side without taking a shot, despite having an empty space on the right side. Foden scored a cool goal to give City the lead.

But it was Brighton's 19-year-old Paraguayan forward Julio Nquiso who kept the surprise alive. He scored an eye-catching shot from about 25 yards away to equalize the hosts in the 38th minute. Holland had a goal disallowed for shoving an opposing player. A goal by Brighton's Danny Welbeck was also disallowed by Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology.

Brighton took a total of 20 shots on the City goal. Seven of these were on target. No other team has had as many shots on goal as City this season. On the other hand, Brighton had 13 shots on goal for City.

City drew after winning 12 matches in a row in the Premier League. This is the first point Guardiola's team has lost since last February. And Brighton qualified for the European tournament for the first time in their 121-year history.

After the match, Brighton goalkeeper Jason Steele said, 'What a great team! We have seen success by being united under a very good coach.''Guardiola also congratulated Brighton, 'an exceptional match. Congratulations to Brighton on their place in the Europa League.