There Will Be No Homeless in The Olympic City

 Summer Olympics will start in Paris on July 26 next year. The French government plans to send the homeless population out of the city ahead of the event. But regional city and village administrators in France have criticized the plan. Because, the homeless people who will be evicted from Paris, they have to arrange accommodation in those cities and villages.

There Will Be No Homeless in The Olympic City

In the middle of last March, the French government ordered the concerned officials to create 'regional temporary accommodation'. The government wants to take measures for those who will be expelled from Paris. There are many immigrants among these people.

French Interior Minister Olivier Klein explained the matter to the country's legislature earlier this month. He argued that homeless people must be sent out of Paris. Because, with the Rugby World Cup in September and the Olympics in July 2024 ahead, there will be a lot of tourists in Paris.

Budget hotels like Paris are currently being used by the French government to house the homeless. But with the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics ahead of them, the owners of those hotels have other plans. They want to rent the rooms at the then-market price to the sports lovers and tourists who come to watch the game.

However, the local administrators of the places selected for the homeless have objections. Philippe Sammon, the mayor of the French city of Bruges, has already opposed plans to build a new center to house the homeless in his area. 18 thousand people live in his city. "We are not in a position to build new facilities," says Salmon. From that point of view, this plan is unacceptable.

However, Pascal Bryce, head of the French Solidarity Federation of Workers and a charity for the homeless, welcomed the government's decision and said, "Rather than keeping the homeless on the streets of Paris, it would be more positive to be able to keep them scattered in France." Before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Chinese government also removed beggars and homeless people from the country's streets. Many of the migrants were also repatriated. Brazil did the same before the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.