PSG Felt The 'Power' of Messi As Soon As He Announced His Leave from Paris

 It didn't take long for PSG to realize the 'weight' of Lionel Messi's name or how magical the name is. PSG felt the 'power' of the captain of Argentina's World Cup-winning team shortly after Messi played his last match for the Paris team against Clermont last Saturday.

PSG Felt The 'Power' of Messi As Soon As He Announced His Leave from Paris

No, Messi didn't show PSG any arm strength. Nor did anyone threaten PSG for him. So how did PSG feel the 'power' of Messi or the 'weight' of Messi's name? The number of followers of the team on social media started to decrease after the Argentina World Cup-winning star played his last match for PSG.

PSG's followers on Instagram have dwindled in no time. So far the number of commas has stood at 8 lakh. It can be said that it will decrease further in the near future.

Even after Messi joined PSG in August 2021 as a free player from Barcelona, the Parisian club felt the weight of his name. After Messi went to Paris, PSG's income started to increase. Especially from sponsors and jersey sales.

That is why PSG wanted to keep Messi in the team for one more year. But after the World Cup, the staunch supporters of the team began to harass Messi in various ways. If they could not perform as expected in a match, they were giving up. On top of that, the Argentinian star was offered a huge amount from Saudi Arabia. All in all, Messi has not signed a new contract with PSG.

Not only will the number of PSG followers on social media decrease due to Messi's departure. It can be said that the team's income will also decrease slightly.