ICC World Cup Tickets Sold Out Before Entering The App, But How?


ICC World Cup Tickets Sold Out Before Entering The App, But How?

The ODI World Cup will start in India on October 5. The ODI World Cup is the biggest event in cricket in terms of size, tradition and scope of events. But the host Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) has turned this tournament into a joke by changing the schedule several times.

Not one or two due to religious festivals; BCCI has changed the schedule of nine matches. Bangladesh, Pakistan and England are the most affected. There have been changes in the schedule of three matches of three teams.

If that was all, it could be accepted. Now there is a new problem with getting tickets. Many World Cup ticket aspirants complain that they are unable to access the app of BCCI's official ticket purchasing subsidiary. After a long wait, those who were able to enter, see that all the tickets are over! Even the company's website crashed.

The much awaited World Cup tickets were supposed to be available online from last Friday. BCCI announced Indian entertainment platform 'BookMyShow' as a partner for this. And ICC and BCCI commercial partner Mastercard users were arranged to collect tickets from the website of 'Bookmyshow'. Tickets for the Bangladesh match can also be bought there from Friday. However, some of the Bangladeshi MasterCard holders complained that they were in trouble while buying tickets.

Now the Indians themselves have shown on social media with proof that they are not able to enter the 'Bookmyshow' app. After hours of trying to get in, there is no ticket. Many people expressed their disappointment not getting tickets for their favorite matches.

'Bookmyshow' released a certain amount of tickets for India matches yesterday. The organization fixed the technical glitch on their website after receiving complaints from ticket aspirants. But after a while the general audience had to fall into the same kind of irony again. Many cricket lovers have posted expressing their anger about this.

One wrote, 'Tickets ran out before entering the app. How is this possible?' Another person complained of bias and wrote, 'First, only MasterCard users were given the opportunity to buy tickets. Then when someone was able to collect a MasterCard, the website crashed and they had to wait for hours. In this gap (before the website was fixed) all the tickets were sold.

Another ticket aspirant posted a video and wrote, 'After waiting for an hour and a half I was able to go to the next page (of the website) and saw that there was no ticket. The ticket which is supposed to be available is not added to the card itself. Bookmysho is nothing but rubbish.'

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