Indian Lawyer's Complaint to ICC about Rizwan's Prayer in the Field


Indian Lawyer's Complaint to ICC about Rizwan's Prayer in the Field

Indian lawyer Vineet Jindal has filed a complaint against Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Rizwan in the ICC for offering prayers on the field. He requested strict action against Rizwan from the governing body of cricket.

Earlier, Vineet had filed a complaint under the Cyber Act in a Delhi court against Pakistan cricketer Zainab Abbas. The lawyer accused Zainab of making 'anti-Hindu and anti-India' comments on social media. Zainab later left India and returned to Pakistan to apologize for her earlier comments.

Pakistani media has reported Vineet Jindal's complaint against Rizwan. Jio Super has also released a copy of the complaint. Jindal wrote in the letter of complaint sent to ICC Chairman Greg Barkley, "This complaint is against Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Rizwan, who prayed on the field during his team's first match against Netherlands in the current World Cup. Rizwan's prayer on the field seemed to many Indian citizens to be a symbolic display of his religion, which is against the spirit of the sport.

In the complaint, the lawyer also said, "Such actions call into question the spirit of the match between the players." It also calls into question the ideals that a player performs during a match. Mohammad Rizwan's deliberate presentation of his religion conveys the message that as a Muslim, he has left behind his sportsmanship. Rizwan represented his religion on the field and dedicating victory to the people of Gaza in the press conference was an affirmation of his religious and political ideals.

The long complaint further states, 'Rizwan prayed on the field after defeating India by 10 wickets in the Super Twelve of the ICC T20 World Cup in 2021. Former Pakistani bowler Waqar Younis then said, “What Rizwan has done is most liked. He stood in the middle of the field and prayed in front of the Hindus.” 31-year-old Rizwan is using the cricket match as an opportunity to present his religion in front of people of different faiths. Pakistanis have also praised Rizwan's prayer on the field between matches on social media.

Vineet Jindal requested ICC to take strict action against Rizwan in this regard. Earlier, Rizwan dedicated the century to the victims of Israel's attack on Gaza after scoring a century against Sri Lanka to win over Pakistan. There was a mixed reaction on social media and the press, but the ICC did not respond.

The cricketer left India after Vineet Jindal's court complaint against Zainab Abbas. Zainab left due to security concerns - Amid discussions, the ICC said she left India for personal reasons.

Giving reasons for leaving India after going back to Pakistan, Zainab said, "I was not asked to leave India, nor was I expelled from India." I was not even a security threat. But my family and friends on both sides of the border were worried and worried about my safety. But I needed some time to reflect on what had happened.

Zainab wrote in a post on Twitter 9 years ago, "New Delhi smells like cow urine." After Vineet Jindal complained to the court about this, Zainab went back to Pakistan and apologized, "Such language or speech cannot have any place anywhere." I sincerely apologize to those who were hurt by that post.